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My little guy is only 5, but he's already super fussy about he wants to wear. He wants to look like a 'cool dude'. It's so cute how much effort he puts into his outfits, so I love taking photos to share them online. This blog has some of his photos, but it also includes some other blogs and fashion labels that we find super cool. I have also decided to include some tips for parent photographers on how to take good photos of kids as well. It should be useful for other new bloggers still working out how to make images of kids' fashion look great.

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How to Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer

As everybody knows, spending too much time out in the sun is really bad for the skin. It destroys the skin cells and will give you an even complexion. Worse still, it could lead to skin cancer. But this doesn't mean that you want to look pale all year long. The solution is a spray tan at a professional beautician's salon. If a spray tan is an additional expense in your beauty routine, you'll want to make sure your tan lasts for the longest time. Here's how:

Exfoliate. There are many layers to the skin, and you'll want to make sure that as many layers of dead skin are removed as possible before you hit the salon. This way, the spray tan will penetrate more deeply into your skin. There are so many exfoliating products on the market that you should have no problem finding something for all skin types and to your budget, but if you have some sugar and coconut oil at home already, mix them together to create your own exfoliating sugar scrub.

Don't wash! At least not for eight hours following your spray tan. It's really important that you give your tan some time to develop and really soak into your skin before having a bath or a shower. It's wise to book your tanning appointment for a day when you know you don't have anything important to do so you are not tempted to freshen up and lose the strength of your fake tan.

Blot yourself dry. Once you have let the fake tan develop and you take your shower, do not towel yourself dry by wiping but by blotting. Wiping excessively will remove more of the fake tan, but a delicate blot should keep it in place for longer.

Moisturise well. Moisturising is an extremely important part of a daily skincare routine, but particularly so when you spray tan. The moisturiser should keep your skin supple and protect your skin from any outside forces that remove the tan. The only thing to note with moisturising with a fake tan is that it's important to use very simple, natural, and scentless products. Anything with citrus in it can strip away the tan. Again, organic, unrefined coconut oil is a very good choice because it's all natural and has incredible moisturising properties that last all day. 

Now you can have a spray tan for the longest time, and while wearing sun lotion to protect your skin from the sun!