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My little guy is only 5, but he's already super fussy about he wants to wear. He wants to look like a 'cool dude'. It's so cute how much effort he puts into his outfits, so I love taking photos to share them online. This blog has some of his photos, but it also includes some other blogs and fashion labels that we find super cool. I have also decided to include some tips for parent photographers on how to take good photos of kids as well. It should be useful for other new bloggers still working out how to make images of kids' fashion look great.

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Six Ways Uniforms Could Improve Your Business

In the world of business, retaining a professional, brand-reinforcing image is crucial. While uniforms may seem unnecessary, they can solidify your brand's "look" and improve your entire operation. Here are six ways uniforms could enhance your business. 

Create an Attractive Business

First impressions are everything. Society will judge people by their appearance. You may only ever have one chance to turn a lead into a buyer. Having a uniform will project an aura of professionalism that could help tip and balance in your favour.

Boost Your Brand

Imagine all of the people that will be exposed to your company colours and logo when your staff are on-the-job and walking to and from work. Brand awareness comes from constant repeat exposure. Having uniforms essentially turns your workers into walking, talking billboards.

Foster Team Spirit

Work uniforms can enhance that sense of team spirit, making everybody feel like one tight unit. This can have an extremely positive effect of job satisfaction, morale and worker productivity. Uniforms can also reduce the negative effects of hierarchy by making everybody feel equal.

Improve Safety and Security

A uniform can help keep your staff and customers out of harms way. For example, in the retail sector, uniformed workers on the shop floor could deter thieves from committing a crime, while in the food and healthcare sector, uniforms could help fight cross-contamination. In other industries, when harmful substances are used or activities are undertaken, a uniform can provide functional safety benefits, such as high visibility jackets.

Promote Company Pride

Having a worker who turns up on time and does their job right is great, but having a worker who goes above and beyond to improve your business is truly valuable. Uniforms will give your employees an added sense of pride and responsibility, turning them into "brand ambassadors" both inside and outside of the workplace.

Eliminate Dress Code Problems

Having a dress code can cause all sorts of problems. If it's too lax, your employees may push the limits, while if it's too strict one person's definition of "appropriate" may differ to another's – both could cause tension. Having a uniform not only eliminates this issue, but places less pressure on employees to dress a certain way or spend money on a competitive, high-end wardrobe.

The question of whether or not staff should wear uniforms is often met with resistance. However, providing you pick a design that's comfortable, stylish and reflective of your brand, you'll have nothing to lose and everything to gain. For more information on work uniforms, contact a business such as Hot Cotton.